Wheel Chair Cricket Tournament

Wheel Chair Cricket Tournament

SAAYA Association for the disabled organizes a yearly Wheel Chair Cricket Tournament at national level. The wheel chair players, comprising of men and women teams also play at regional and international level games. This year, the event was organized in Islamabad Sports Complex from 19th-21st December 2017. An opening ceremony was held on 19th of December, followed by a welcome dinner. In the event, MNAs and MPAs from Karachi and representatives from PTCL also participated. Sports kits and souvenirs were distributed among the players and organizers respectively.

During the next two days, the tournament took place which was formally inaugurated by the State Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Ms Maryam Aurangzeb. The players were met in person by the Minister and were applauded for their commitment and courage. The Minister also requested the Sports Complex administration to consider the special needs of PWDs in infrastructural renovation currently undergoing in the complex.

Chal Foundation was also facilitated by SAAYA Association this year which aimed to include its spinal cord injured patients from Balakot district in the event. The main objective behind engaging the SCI patients in the activity was to introduce Chal Foundation to a wider audience, raise awareness among SCI patients about the avenues available for them to participate and to provide a platform to interact with other wheelchair users from across the country. A wheel chair marathon was also organized where the winners received 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. CF aims to provide such opportunities to its patients and collaborate with more organizations in future.


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