CF not only serves its clients but is also keen in development of the sector as a whole. It therefore conducts customized trainings for capacity development of professionals serving the industry from all over Pakistan. It also realizes the importance of professional development of its staff working within the organization.

Many youngsters and new comers in rehab industry require up to date skill development on new and existing rehab technologies and practices. These trainings are not limited to those who are fresh in the sector but are also tailor made as per the requirement for those already providing rehab services. CF has trained prosthetic and orthotic technicians, physio technicians and outreach workers through its customized skill enhancement trainings. The trainings are appliance based and rehab centre development such as efficiency enhancement, leadership, governance and strategy development trainings and other centre operations.

CF has also been investing on capacity development of its staff on management skills required for day to day office operations. Being committed towards staff development, it provides training opportunities within and outside Pakistan for the purpose.

Chal Foundation also arranges skill trainings for its patients to assist in their social integration and livelihood generation. It also facilitates in their participation in other activities organized by partner organizations.