We provide a range of services to our patients. These include:

Formulation of a patient centred pre-appliance treatment plan is vital for preventing complications in post surgical rehabilitation. As part of the plan, the patients are educated about the residual or deformed limb as well as sound limb care before proceeding with appliance fitting. In this regard, we give pre device services such as,

• Desensitisation of the stump and scar massage (for easy weight bearing)
• Stump shaping through rigid dressings/bandaging (for easy fitting of devices)
• Exercise or physiotherapy (for strengthening of stump; improving of range of motion, functional activities, mobility, wheelchair propulsion; for unsupported standing balance and ambulation with assistive devices)

Patients having structural deformities are prescribed prosthetic devices which replaces the missing limb. These include upper and lower limb prostheses providing some structural and functional restoration.

Orthotic devices are corrective appliances for deformed limbs which provide alignment; stability to joints; restriction to unwanted movements; pain relief; and compensation for leg length discrepancies.

Cosmetic appliances are non functional devices given for cosmetic purposes such as breast prosthesis for mastectomy patients.

Mobility aids are provided to patients having severe mobility impairments i.e. in case of paralysis of trunk and lower extremities. This comprise of non weight, partial weight or total weight bearing devices such as wheel chairs, auxiliary crutches, canes and walkers.

Referrals are made in cases where stump shape does not comply with the requirement for prosthetic fitting and thus re-surgery may be recommended. Referrals may be given for orthopaedic and cosmetic treatment, for medical rehabilitation of spinal cord injured, and for psycho-therapy counselling.

Gait training refers to assisting a patient to relearn walking with ease and independence while wearing the appliance. It accustoms the patients to weight bearing, balancing, walking, climbing and ambulation on artificial limbs.

Chal Foundation also provides outreach services to patients located in remote areas through its customized vehicle that travels with a team of experts from village to village. The vehicle is good for providing orthotic services with casting and assessments for major cases.

Other services include repairing and replacement of devices and provision of mobility (prostheses) to C-ARP (Children-Amputee Rehabilitation Program) children. It also facilitates to link its patients with other disability focused organizations through participation in events, workshops and exhibitions.

Commercial Services are initiated to sustain Chal Foundation’s free of cost operations by providing advance technology appliances at nominal prices.