Chal Foundation in collaboration Pfizer and Direct Relief (DR) established mobility and physical rehabilitation services to the disabled in Malakand Divisionaffected byOctober 26, 2015 earthquake. Providing rehab to 189 patients including 67 amputees, a Satellite Referral Rehabilitation Centre was established in DHQ Hospital where fitting and gait training of patients took place.

While operating in Muzaffargarh, more than 1100 upper limb amputees were registered with Chal Foundation out of which, 770 were below elbow amputees. Male to Female ratio of these amputees is 3:1, majority belonging to adult group between 16-40 years respectively. The main reason behind these amputations is the use of fodder chopper machines to feed livestock in Southern Punjab.

Chal Foundation with the support of ICRC piloted a project to provide 100 prostheses to amputees in Muzaffargarh with Chinese functional hands. It included 70 below elbow and 30 above elbow prostheses. With the improved functional capacity and activity level of the users, CF extended the project and provided over 700 below elbow prostheses between February and December 2017.

Currently, trans-radial amputees have very few options in Pakistan. Myo-electric devices has a lower demand thus limiting the availability of such devices to passive hands only i.e. a prosthesis for cosmetic purposes or a body powered prosthesis linked to functional hand or a hook. The hook design has cosmetic limitations leading to low acceptance among users.

Chal Foundation together with Johanniter International completed a project called “Meeting the needs of wheelchair users in Pakistan”. The two years project (2013- 2015) provided training on assembling and repair of wheelchairs to health care personnel with a distribution of 646 wheelchairs to government owned rehabilitation service institutes in KP, Balochistan and AJ&K respectively. This was done to facilitate the government to comply WHO guidelines.

Whenever a calamity hit this part of the world, CF stood up to the task and didn’t leave any stone unturned to provide best services to the people in need. Chal Foundation with the support of Handicap International provided assistive devices and rehab services at UCsSajawal and Jati (district Thatta) in 2012. Orthotic services were given to flat foot, drop foot, leg length discrepancies, pes valgus and pes varus patients while prosthetic devices were given to those adults capable of initiating or resuming work.