With a successful implementation of 13 rehabilitation centers across Pakistan, Chal foundation is the only one of its kind to have its presence in all four provinces of the country and AJ&K.

Our centers:
AJK: Bagh

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Balakot, Battagram,
Besham, Mardan and Swabi.

Balochistan: Quetta.

Sindh: Karachi.

Punjab: Lahore and Muzaffargarh.

Federal ICT: Islamabad.

Chal Foundation has stepped forward as a helping hand for those who struggle with finances, due to poverty, low income or job loss and till date has provided over 51,000 assistive devices and allied services to the disabled, all free of cost.

As a nonprofit organization, Chal Foundation was formed to help those in need and is mainly run by the donations of respective sponsor and donors. We value every single penny we receive and keep record of patients and the costs incurred on them so that the respective sponsor/donor can reach out to them and check the level of transparency themselves.

These free services incur huge costs to Chal Foundation therefore sensing the need for free services, Chal Foundation recently initiated commercial services. The commercial services help the foundation to generate adequate revenues from the provision of advanced, pre-fabricated and imported products and utilize in operation of free patient services.

Clubfoot is a congenital foot deformity affecting bones, muscles, tendons and blood vessels. It’s the only deformity that if treated on time, can save the child from lifelong disability. Over 1700 children suffering from club foot have been treated by Chal Foundation so far. It has been a great sigh of relief for the parents and families to see their children saved from lifelong deformity.

Early detection and cure is key to this treatment as it becomes incurable after the child is two years old. Up till now Chal Foundation has spent over 34 million rupees in treatment of club footed children and the number is ever increasing. It only costs 20000 rupees to save a child from lifelong disability and the foundation is steadfast to help more children with the help of your donations.

The world has moved ahead of time to eradicate this disease however we still lag behind. Although formidable efforts are done in past few years still we are not a polio free country yet. Chal Foundation has provided over 1400 orthotic devices to patients suffering from polio and has enabled them to lead closer to normal lives. Many severe cases have been dealt with to prevent contractures and joint stiffness by using orthotic devices.

During the earthquake in 2005 many children were affected leading to their amputated limbs. Chal Foundation joined hands with C-ARP (Children- Amputee Rehabilitation Program) and provides assistive devices to children who were affected.

C-ARP assists these children through four components i.e. supporting in their mobility, education, integration and livelihood generation. They receive assistive devices from the earthquake inherited centers of Chal Foundation. For more information, please visit http://carp.org.pk/