Chal Foundation proudly works with a dedicated staff of 76 individuals both at head office and different rehab centers. Higher management team led by the CEO Chal Foundation is based at the head office in Islamabad while the remaining team members operate from their respective centers.

The management team is comprised of six qualified professionals leading their own teams independently. The teams include:

Dr Bakht Sarwar
CEO Chal Foundation
30+ years experience in the field of Prosthetics & Orthotics; Established PIPOS as a Degree awarding institute in P&O; Established a network of P&O Rehab Centres
Mr Muhammad Ausim
Senior Manager Projects
Project Management Specialist, having 09 years experience in managing CF own centres, developing/ establishing new centres and executing projects
Mr Syed Abdul Mussaver Shah
Senior Manager Training and Capacity Building
Technical Specialist, having 12 Years experience in clinical/technical services and establishing new centres
Mr Johar Ali
Senior Manager Operations
Technical Specialist, having 16 Years experience in clinical/technical services and capacity development of CF staff
Ms Mina Khan
Manager Strategy & Business Development
Business Development Specialist, having 09 Years experience in development sector
Ms Mayral Zafar
Manager Finance & Administration
Chartered Accountant, 08 years experience in financial and administrative management

With the goal of a speedy and effective treatment, the rehab centers are headed by Center Managers, having a variety of experts sharing their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the patients. Comprising of two wings i.e. patient services and corporate services, one team has in it prosthetists and orthotists (P&Os) technicians, physiotherapists and physio technicians while the other has corporate service officers for operations and support.

It is always imperative to monitor and keep note of the quality in order to run a project successfully. At Chal Foundation we are taking steps to streamline the process of monitoring and evaluation in order to ensure patients’ satisfaction. In the days to follow the monitoring department is going to be established while the M&E policies are being developed.

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