Saima Jahangir- Bagh
21 Jun
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Saima Jahangir- Bagh

Saima is another victim from Bagh who lost her foot partially as a consequence of the earthquake of 2005 while on her way to home from market. The injuries she received could not be treated timely in Bagh due to which she was taken to Rawalpindi. After one month of hospitalization which included recovery from amputation, she went back to her village named Paddar Gulshar. She was a teacher at a local Madrassa but had difficulty in resuming it till she got adjusted to walking with a partial foot.

In 2008, she was registered with CHAL Foundation and got her first partial foot prosthesis. Walking with it improved her gait and the weight (which she initially took on her heel) was distributed equally to her artificial foot. Feeling less pressure on her foot, she is now not only a graduate of Masters but is also earning through stitching and sewing. (Partial Foot Amputation)

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June 21,2017 To 17:00

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