Muhammad Altaf- Swabi
21 Jun
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Muhammad Altaf- Swabi

Qari Muhammad Altaf, an imam at a local masjid in Shah Mansoor was a victim of polio at a very early age. When 13, he underwent an operation of his polio affected limb with a hope of improved functionality but in vain. Eventually, like many others, he went to find a solution from a local shaman whose treatment primarily included physical beating which further worsened his condition. Dragging his limb for quite some time, Altaf finally got his first device made of leather and metal. One day during 2014, he was robbed off his belongings including the device during his visit to Abbotabad after which he decided to discontinue the mosque’s imamat as well. He didn’t make another device because of non affordability and so resumed dragging his limb. It was in 2016 that through word of mouth, he heard about Chal Foundation’s rehab centre in Swabi where he got his second appliance free of cost.  The customized appliance provided knee stability and bending functions due to which he could easily pray five times a day and took charge of the mosque once again. (Polio)

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123 Eccles Old Road, Manchester, United Kingdom

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June 21,2017 To 17:00

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