Muddasir Nazir- Swabi
14 Jul
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Muddasir Nazir- Swabi

Muddasir Nazir is a graduate of Arts and like many other 25 year olds; he had his dreams and ambitions. Unfortunately he was hit hard by the reality when he lost his leg above knee level after being shot by his family rivals in 2016. He has 2 brothers, 3 sisters and parents in his family. His amputation happened in Shifa international Hospital to remove the injured and infected limb. “Absorbing the disability is never easy for any human. It took me and my family quite a long time to adjust with this reality”, he shared with wet eyes. Now walking with a prosthetic device, received from CHAL Foundation, Muddasir is running a small grocery shop in his village named Yar Hussain and is independent to an extent one wishes for.

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123 Eccles Old Road, Manchester, United Kingdom

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July 14,2017 To 17:00

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