Miss Nabila- Abbotabad
09 Mar
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Miss Nabila- Abbotabad

Belonging to the hilly city of Abbotabad, Nabila had a life altering accident when her car skid off the road and fell into a ditch. She suffered multiple fractures on her spine and legs. Though she recovered the fractures, her lower right limb could not escape amputation.
Nabila perseveres with the love and support of her husband and two sons. She smiles as she talks about the little shop that she has opened in her house. “I can’t get a proper job but I do what I can to help”, she says. Talking about the Foundation, she feels indebted as words can’t explain her gratitude for the prosthesis she got. (Below Knee Amputee)

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March 09,2018 To 19:00

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