Huneza Bibi- Swabi
11 Sep
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Huneza Bibi- Swabi

At the age of one, Huneza was affected by polio. Now 23, she is the only child of her parents and an active user of orthosis on her left leg. Being a girl in Pushtoon society and polio affected, Huneza faced discrimination at many fronts.

She visited CFRC Swabi in 2013 for a device and is happy for the treatment she received. Huneza is now married to a private school teacher. She is very contended with the fact that her in laws do not taunt her for her disability and she can take care of her family. She is determined that she will prove herself a good wife and a good mother in future. (Lower Limb polio)

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123 Eccles Old Road, Manchester, United Kingdom

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September 11,2018 To 15:00

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