Amjad Ali Shah- Swabi
13 Sep
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Amjad Ali Shah- Swabi

Amjad Ali Shah was a labor in a local garment factory where in 2016; a running machine caught his left hand and crushed it. Though he received compensation from the factory for his loss, yet “a lost body part especially a hand is irreplaceable”, he says. The loss trauma was huge as he could not do very normal tasks without facing challenges. In 2017, he visited CHAL Foundation’s Islamabad centre and received his first below elbow prosthesis.  The prosthetic hand provides normal functionalities such as opening and closing which has enabled Amjad to perform smaller chores. He gained his confidence and intends to open a shop with his brother within his locality for which he is searching a financially suitable option for the shop. While holding his cup of tea towards his lips, Amjad confidently sighed that he is now able to lift grocery shoppers for his shop. “I will use this hand like a normal hand”, he says enthusiastically. (Below Elbow Amputee)

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123 Eccles Old Road, Manchester, United Kingdom

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September 13,2017 To 17:00

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