History is a witness to the contributions that the disabled community has made in the field of sports, science and technology. It is the matter of giving them a conducive environment to utilize their innate potential for the uplift of their community and the society. This is what Chal Foundation is striving for. We provide mobility through assistive devices, which is the first step towards their empowerment. Our inspiration to initiate Chal Foundation was a four year old girl who lost her limb in the earthquake of 2008 and needing continuous replacement of prosthesis due to her growing age. With the realization that an amputee is an amputee forever, a program initially designed for the rehabilitation of earthquake affected could not be shut down and we continued to provide lifelong support in Bagh, Besham, Battagram and Balakot districts. Since then Chal Foundation spread a network of physical rehabilitation centres and established 10 centres across Pakistan. It provided prosthetic, orthotic and allied services to more than 31000 patients, all free of cost. Our established centres are fully operational but due to higher need; we require expanding our services to more districts but this cannot be achieved without your support.

Here I would take the opportunity to thank our long term partners i.e. the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Indus Hospital and every individual who has been with us in our journey. We have maintained an operational budget of PKR 50.4 million since 2010 with about 1-2.5{6c702a8436798416ebf83af598deaa7d28252eefa1004755d762db570d5a369a} contributed through donations. We need to increase donations for which we request the individuals to contribute and donate so that more and more disabled could be treated.

“Please feel the pain of those who do not have complete bodies and give zakat of your body to those with physical limitations. You can support us by sponsoring a patient, an appliance or contribute in the establishment or operations of our centres”. I hope you will support us generously for the mobility of the disabled.

With warmest regards

Dr Bakht Sarwar
Chief Executive Officer
Chal Foundation Pakistan