CHAL Foundation Commercial Services

Chal Foundation’s Advanced Prosthetic and Orthotic Care Services are aimed at providing rehabilitation services to patients having physical disabilities through access to state-of-art treatment facilities and wide range of high-quality products including off-the-shelf and customized types. The Centre caters for the needs of assistive devices (orthoses, braces, splints, corsets, etc), Medical aids, Sporting Supports to athletes and amateurs, and artificial limbs (prostheses). The Centre offers a variety of prosthetic and orthotic appliances following the prescription and recommendation from Doctors / Therapists / Prosthetists / Orthotists for all types of problems related to lower limb, upper limb and spine. The most important benefit is that now these products (imported) are available locally at competitive prices, ensuring patients do not need to place an order abroad. This move will cut the waiting time, thus providing patients who suffer from any kind of disability an ease with access to high quality treatment and care. 

  • Modular Prostheses

  • Lower limb orthoses

  • Upper limb orthoses

  • Spinal Orthoses

  • Paediatric orthoses

  • Footwear and Insoles

  • Diabetic / Orthopedic shoes

Events & Alerts

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Patient management System In CFRC Swabi
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World Disability Day
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World CP Day
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CFRC Starts its operations in Dir
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