Chal Foundation Rehabilitation Centre Swabi (KPK)

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Keeping in view the needs of physical rehabilitation services in Pakistan, Chal Foundation has formed a strategy to set-up Model Rehabilitation Centres at District Level across the country. Such facility will be equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and well-qualified professionals to practice services of an up-to-date standards.
Swabi is hosting the first of such centres in Pakistan. The Centre is being run in a purpose-built two-storey building constructed over the space allocated at Bacha Khan Teaching Hospital through an MoU between Ministry of Health Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, PIPOS Peshawar and Chal Foundation. Wheelchair services development, Diploma courses for P&O and Physio Technicians and Capacity building trainings are the projects carried out by this centre during the recent years.
The Centre is currently providing artificial limbs and assistive devices to the physical disabled of the area and have so far registered more than 2200 patients for the treatment purposes. All these patients are followed-up through an Outreach Mobile Unit that visits them at union council level by conducting field visits and rehab camps. Outreach Mobile Unit is well-equipped with necessary tools and machinery and have sufficient human resource to review registered patients and perform repairs of their assistive devices. New patients are also identified and referred to the Centre for registration.

Services Provided During Year 2015
Procedures performed 14327
New P&O Devices provided 1280
Mobility Aids Provided 72
Devices Repaired 1712
Physio Sessions 1219
Patients Visits to Centre 4770
Field Visits/Camps by OMU 43
Patients Seen by OMU 391
New Registered Patients 648


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