Chal Foundation Rehabilitation Centre Battagram (KPK)

(Ph# 0991-311551)

Chal Foundation Rehab Centre Battagram was established during post-earthquake 2005 relief activities through joint collaboration of Pakistan Tobacco Company and Chal Network to help physically disabled persons of the area get mobility rehabilitation services locally instead of visiting the Centres in far-flung areas. The Centre has provided 1668 artificial limbs and assistive devices to 546 registered patients of various types of physical disabilities so far. Looking into the future sustainability of the Centre, an MoU has been signed with CHEF International to join hands for better rehabilitation services to the physically disabled population of Battagram district.


Services Provided During Year 2015
Procedures performed 867
New Prostheses provided 36
New Orthoses provided 95
Devices Repaired 105
Patients Visits to Centre 446
New Registered 16


our Team

Centre Manager
  • Farman Ali Shah

Workshop Technician
  • Kheyal Mohammad