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Balakot was the most affected area in earthquake 2005 that hit North-eastern areas of Pakistan. Majority of the casualties that time included spinal cord injuries. The World Health Organization reported 667 persons surviving with such injuries and were carried back by their families to their mountain homes. Some of them died, often of preventable complications. Chal Foundation identified and registered 120 such persons in the mountains and surrounding areas of Balakot to provide them medical and physical rehabilitation services. To look after these cases and other physical disabled persons, Chal Foundation is managing a Rehabilitation Centre in collaboration with AFIRM Rawalpindi and Paraplegic Centre Peshawar with a key objective to; “Help and facilitate Spinal Cord Injured Persons to attain full potential of their life expectancy and to help them lead an independent life through rehabilitation and occupational therapy so that they are integrated as participatory members of the society”. The SCI patients are detected and assessed by Multidisciplinary team for physical therapy (to avoid complications of bedsores and infectious diseases) and Orthotic management for possible physical mobility and assistive devices for indoor and outdoor mobility.  Besides, CFRC Balakot is also looking after other type of physical disabled persons including amputees, club feet and polio etc through implementation of Physical Rehabilitation Protocol to provide them with artificial limbs, assistive devices and mobility aids. Recently, Introduction of Vocational Lab at the Centre to provide vocational skills training to the beneficiaries have fruitfully added into the social rehabilitation of the deprived community.

Services Provided During Year 2015
Procedures performed 3789
New P&O Devices provided 152
Devices Repaired 217
Physio Sessions 444
Counseling Sessions 819
Reviews and Field Follow-ups 154
Patients Visits to Centre 925
Medicine Provided to SCIP 204
Accessories provided to SCIP 106
Transportation for SCIP 104
Hospital Admission Days 25
New Re 56


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  • Sajida Hamayoun

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