Chal Foundation Rehabilitation Centre Bagh (AJ&K)

(Ph # 05823-445090)

Chal Foundation Rehab Centre Bagh, located within the premises of District Headquarter Hospital Bagh, came into existence as a response to rehabilitate the people disabled during the October 2005 earthquake through a joint Collaboration of PPL and Chal Network (Now Chal Foundation). Initially the aim was to produce and provide artificial limbs and assistive devices to the deprived physical disabled of earthquake but later on these services were extended to persons disabled due to congenital anomalies, medical conditions, trauma and other type of conflicts. 
So far, more than 1,300 physically disabled persons have been registered and successfully treated at the Rehabilitation Centre through provision of artificial limbs, assistive devices and mobility aids, followed by facilities of regular reviews, repairs and replacements. 4,785 devices have been provided to these patients so far.
Besides, the Centre also supports learning opportunities for P&O Internees to increase the pool of experienced and qualified professionals to counter emergencies and conflict situations in the future. Chal Foundation has also provided scholarships to local young people for continuing care of earthquake and non-earthquake physical impaired persons of the locality.
Today, CFRC Bagh is well-equipped to cater the needs of prosthetic and orthotic services to physically disabled population of Bagh and surrounding districts of Poonch, Haveli, Hattian Bala, Sudhnoti and Kotli in Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

Services Provided During Year 2015
Procedures performed 2048
New P&O Devices provided 227
Devices Repaired 312
Physio & Counselling Sessions 329
Reviews & Field Follow-ups 165
Patients Visits to Centre 740
New Registered 45


our Team

Center Manager
  • Ms. Zille Huma

    Contact # 0583-445090

Corporate Executive
  • Shabnam Waris